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Here you’ll find all of my October Giveaways links I can’t include in Instagram captions!

These links are for October Giveaways. This might not include everything, so make sure you’re watching all of my social media account to get the full list!

October Giveaways (Free):

Bite into these amazing romance novels!


To Have and to Bind by Alexandria Raven
Fae by Cassandra Faye
Lunar Accord by Chelsea McDonald
A Whale of a Time anthology by Cassandra Joy


***Please see terms & conditions on entry form.***


October Steamy Free Reads

RH Free Reads

October’s Group Promos (Sales):

Romance Under the Full Moon October 7th-11th only!

2 Week Fantasy PNR Romance

October 13-27th ONLY!


Begins on October 16th

99c Reads

Begins on October 16th

Sports Romance

Begins on October 17th

Second Chance Romance

Begins October 22nd

Love at First Shift
MM Romance
RH you didn't know you needed
Fast Burn RH
Parnamoral Reverse Harem
Inhuman Book Boyfriends
Ravenous Romance Reads
Fall for a Shifter
Romance Antholgies
Urban Fantasy Unveiled
Shifters & Monsters
RH Deals
October Book Fair

October’s Events:

1st: Kaytie’s 1K Spa Day in Kaytie’s Wings.
3rd: #JoyWeaver #MondayMadness in Cassandra Joy’s Neighborhood.
4th: Lunar Rising Relase Party in Loreweaver’s Literary Lair.
9th: Full Moon Party in Howling Moon Party Room.
10th: #JoyWeaver #MondayMadness in Loreweaver’s Literary Lair.
17th: #JoyWeaver #MondayMadness in Cassandra Joy’s Neighborhood.
22nd: Salem Saturdays in Getting Witchy With It Readers Group.
24th: #JoyWeaver #MondayMadness in Loreweaver’s Literary Lair.
25th: Noctifer Soul Release Party in Dirty Bad Boom Boom Room!.
31st: Wings & Witchery Anthology Release Party in Jade marshalls book B!t@#*s.
31st: NO Monday Madness.

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