Second Chance at Romance

Book 4 in CJ's Neighborhood
Second Chance at Romance

The story made me laugh, cry and turn a fan on.

~Amazon Reviewer

Great grief requires great love to overcome.

Sydney’s grief over her husband’s death remains so deep after four years, that she can’t fathom the idea of one man replacing him, especially as the father to her sons. But three?

That might just work.

Except the three men in question have their own grief and doubts. They’ll have to sort it all out if they’re going to form a happy family.

This book contains adult situations and is for ages 18+. If you enjoy MMFM romances that explore relationship dynamics, you’ll enjoy Second Chance at Romance!

What Readers Think…


No shortage of steam or action.

Kobo Reviewer


It’s a well written book that deals with how different people deal with grief.

Nook Reviewer


I found myself craving a relationship as healthy as theirs.

Amazon Reviewer