Below, you’ll find a collection of my works across a range of genres and series. Want to learn more? Just click the covers to see the full series or related works. Have fun!

Contemporary Romance

Dawn of a New Day

CJ’s Neighborhood

Everyone says “Love thy neighbor,” but it means something more in the suburban heart of the Ozark Mountains. Here in CJ’s Neighborhood, “Pleasure” is closer to the truth, although love is always a possibility.
After all, good neighbors come together (ahem!) to help each other, especially when outsiders threaten their happiness. And maybe—just maybe—they’ll find love in the end.

Paranormal Romance

The Chaos at PolyTech University

To overcome monstrous chaos, they must join together…

They expected the normal challenges of university life at Polytech. They hadn’t counted on the supernatural. Prescilla must build her harem of protectors if they all plan to survive…

The series is a slow-burn paranormal reverse harem romance intended for readers over 18. If you enjoy paranormal adventure in an academic setting with slow burn spice, you’ll love the Chaos at Polytech University books.

Ax to the Heart

Ax to the Heart is the popular ax-throwing bar downtown. But not everyone realizes it’s run by a wolf shifter pack.

Each short story in this series focuses on one couple’s love story. This series is all gay romance.

Finding His Heart

Anthologies & Other Titles

A Whale of a Time
Jingle My Balls
Playing for Keeps

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